what’s virgin hair ,remy hair and no remy hair ?

what’s virgin hair ,remy hair and no remy hair ?

Hell guy , are you really know hair ?

when we come to hair extension business , almost none can clearly this question , in my option , it have a clearly difference as this

virgin hair ,remy hair and no remy hair

Firstly . Virgin Hair is most welcome as premium quality 

most black ladies like virgin hair extension at premium quality . as it is cut from one donor hair , same cuticle , it is no tangle and keep curl a longer time .

up-glass salon looking for premium quality hair ,so when we come to this salon , it will see price higher , like 20 inch $60-$80 per bundle for virgin hair .

but it do value it when we see the luxury hair .100% virgin hair is welcome by UK and USA black lady.

Second . Remy Hair have a soft and reasonable price 

Some bad vendor take the remy hair at virgin hair , as it is 90% cuticle in same direction .if you don’t know hair much , it is hard to tell difference at all

but if we dye the hair , remy hair is a little hard to lift to light blonde , like color 613 or 60 , anyway , it is still a nice bundles .

Finally . No-remy hair is very cheapest

no-remy hair is the lowest quality . the cuticle been damaged by acid , so it is easy get tangle if dye it or curl it , when we dye again the hair , will hurt much .

but this is cheaper , like 18 inch is about $30 .