How to Comb Curly Hair

Afro-Textured or Tightly Curled Hair

Some customer purchase the curly hair, but didn’t know how to comb it, always have complain about the curly:

when i comb it, why is it horrible tangle?


1 Find a wide-toothed comb.

The bigger the gap, the better it teases out the curls. Choose a comb with sturdy teeth, that won’t break against your hair.

2 Treat with hair products.

If you struggle to get a comb through, use these treatments before you begin combing:

apply dry shampoo, followed by dry conditioner.

If your hair still hard to brush, use coconut oil, or olive oil. If you treated your hair with oil, get rid of it with an application of dry shampoo.

3 Comb out your hair.

Comb each section with downward motions. Start near the end of your hair, teasing out knots before moving to a slightly higher position.

Be careful not to snag knots too hard or you’ll rip the hair from the root. If your comb gets stuck, work the hair off it with your fingers and try again.

4 Wet hair is sometimes easier to comb

You can comb hair in wet, it can let you easy to comb.