What’s the difference Malaysian Hair and Peruvian Hair

There is so many virgin hair original on marketing , like Malaysian hair , Peruvian hair , but what’s the difference between them ? is there a better way to tell difference

Firstly . Feeling and outlooking is difference

Malaysian hair bundles is extraordinarily silky and has a stunning natural shine. a little darker or lighter on hair ends . but it is not stiff . Malaysian hair bundles usually looks relaxed and full . but Peruvian hair looks course and bouncy ,luxury hair with cute looks

the difference Malaysian Hair and Peruvian Hairthe difference Malaysian Hair and Peruvian Hair

Second, Durability and hair care way difference

Top grade Peruvian hair weave is more course and bouncy , It comes from the Pacific , with natural hair course ,so it get color better if you bleach to light blond , it still no shedding or tangle , last over 2 years with proper care . and Malaysian hair will meet little shedding if dye it too many times . and the more dyes may cause it mat .

the difference Malaysian Hair and Peruvian Hair

Then, Popular textures difference

So far , when people talk about Malaysian hair , they looks Malaysian curly hair most. As the curl make them attractive ,even been washed many times , it still will keep curl . and few get mat or tangle . and ladies or hairstyle like Peruvian body wave and straight more . as it can restyle it or comb it much easily