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3 Best Ways of Adding Uniqueness to Your Weave Extensions

The countdown to your favorite holidays has begun. Thanksgiving is just a week away, and then Christmas and New Year. Don’t you want to go through a metamorphosis, looks wise? How about doing something with your hair. And, if looking for anything new, go for hair extensions. Virgin Brazilian hair, Malaysian, Peruvian, Cambodian, and exotic weave extension is all the rage this year. There’s nothing more perfect than a curly and kinky extensions with the right cloth for a dinner or lunch party.

Weave extensions are a popular protective style. It gives your natural hair a bit of a break from daily styling and manipulation. Human hair extensions are made of pure human hair and are usually free from any artificial coloring and styling when purchased. You can have the versatility of styling and dying the same way you would to your own hair. You also have the freedom to use a variety of styling tools and techniques such as curling irons and flat irons. It could cost you around $50 for each bundle on various online websites. There are several ways to look marvelous without breaking the bank. Let’s know the different styling methods, that would probably look great on you.

Die it:

If you are ready for adding extensions to your boring hairstyles, spice it up a bit! Go for a custom dye job and flaunt your curly weaves. There is nothing wrong in adventuring. Keep in mind that certain hair colors do not belong to head. Consider choosing a color that complements your skin tone. Hair color is a style statement and people will judge according to the hue you choose.

Cut the hair:

Do not just sew or glue extensions from the store and rock it as it is going to look fake and stiff. Go for some alterations that complements your features and the look you’re going for. Cut it and shape it according to the face to create more realistic and natural flare. There are few new hairstyles to thrill this season. Textured pixie cuts are a dominant look for 2015 or a razor combs will do the trick and provide soft angles.


Curly waves are not just glamorous, but are so much fun to style. You can make a refreshing change from natural hair style. The biggest overall trend has been medium length cut to just above the shoulders; dark and gorgeous curls keep heads turning; peek-a-boo highlights add that funky fun; an absolutely dual ombre with harmonizing bands of color, asymmetrical bob, blond beauty cut, try a U-part weave, short pixie cut to look fresh, raving red crochet braids and a lot more.

Getting a weave is the perfect way to try out a new hairstyle without taking the risk of chopping your own locks. Do not wait, order it now to surprise your friends and loved ones with your new transformation this holiday season.

How Hair Extension Product Prices are Determined

Extensions have become a trend for women all around the world as it is an easy and quick way to change hair styles. It has been much favored in the fashion industry and loved by the celebs. Now, these are available in the major cities, among which Brazilian hair extensions are mostly favored and popular. You can get Brazilian virgin hair bundles in a variety of style, color and price range. However, with the extensive popularity, it is sometimes hard to keep track of prices.

Hair extension prices are determined:
  • By their quality: There are different types of hair such as human hair, synthetic hair, horse hair, etc. Human hair is more costly than synthetic hair as they have been collected, treated and colored. So, when going for the wholesale Brazilian hair, be careful in sorting out the unprocessed ones.

  • By the supply chain: If there is a supply chain, then the products will tend to be more costly as they have been bought via various international borders.

  • By the source: The natural products are affected by many problems, including scarcity and availability.

  • By the length and durability: Hair extension prices determined based on its length. Another pricing consideration is determined by the durability of the product. This is also an essential factor to consider.

  • By brand marketing budgets: Finally, hair extension prices are determined by the amount of money spent on marketing a product. Good brands will have an increasing demand on market than smaller ones and will regularly want to recover their spend. Again, the cost will always be passed to the final user.

It is advisable to keep these above-mentioned points in your mind. Due to the various qualities and the fact that the virgin Brazilian hair available in different lengths and colors, it is very much essential to consider the amount you are paying for.

Malaysian Hair Waves: The Epitome of Quality and Softness

Malaysian hair is the trademark of good and lustrous hair. Malaysian virgin hair at wholesale is bought by many beauty salons and beauticians to enhance the hair of models and other people wanting to have healthy and shiny hair extensions. Even the tone and color is best among the other race of hair so it has gained a worldwide popularity. These extensions usually come in straight, curly and other waves, which is required by the beauty and makeup industry, in large quantities.

It is a versatile kind of hair extension which blends easily with any other hair type. It doesn't curl up easily when wet and has a lot of volume, which gives a bouncy appeal to any hairstyle opted. There are many brands in the market who offers Malaysian virgin hair at wholesale for different hair styling centers. From the wide range of offerings, it’s very hard to choose the right one. So it’s better to stay aware of these tips, which will lead to an efficient selection.

  • Be sure of the type of waves you want and the quality as well. Always go for natural human hair instead of synthetic hair as it will give much fuller appeal that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. There are endless benefits of natural human hair like greater lifespan, luster, softness and minimum tangles.
  • Make sure of the exact length you need and do not blindly follow the trend, but judge what will look good on you, your face type, complexion and height.
  • Do not confuse yourself with different varieties of curls. Look up on the web to find out what will suit your face shape and will make your face look younger.
  • Check the state of condition of your natural hair because it may react if damaged, so be very specific and careful while choosing the hair extensions .
  • Choose your supplier carefully because people from all over the world purchase Malaysian hair extensions. Do make sure about the quality, quantity and reviews of the brand you are buying. Compare the prices, but do not settle down for a low quality product. Thickness, color and specifications should be up to the mark and prices do not matter in this case.

So make sure you take care and follow these steps before placing an order for Malaysian virgin hair in wholesale. Never compromise with quality and the minute factors that contribute a lot to the appearance of your hair or the person you going to apply those on.

All You Need to Know about Hair Extensions

It's rare to find someone with real, voluminous hair. Even if someone has it, there's no guarantee that the hair strands are strong and grow to great lengths without breaking. The point is, there are a few, who have the luxury of having the best of all. No matter how good someone's hair is, you will find them nagging about a few/some issues that prevent them from having the hairstyle of their dream. This is what makes hair extensions and wigs a great option for women. Just to make it clear, there's no guilt in putting them on. Celebrities flaunt it with style, so should you! However, there are a few aspects, terms and concepts, which you need to know before buying your first set of hair extensions. This blog is all about that!

Virgin, Synthetic, and Blends

Virgin hair is basically another name for unprocessed actual human hair. Companies who offer virgin hair, typically import real hair from countries around the world; weave it together and market it under the name of their respective countries. If you do a quick Google search for Brazilian virgin hair, Peruvian virgin hair, Malaysian virgin hair or Indian virgin hair, you will know what I mean! Although there are numerous other types of hair extensions available, these are popular. What's important is, they are 100% human hair, with minimal to no chemical processing at all. They may also come with cuticles intact. Being natural, they can withstand regular styling and will last longer. However, they come with a steep price.

Synthetics, as the name suggests are man-made hair.

Blends, on the other hand, is a mixture of actual human hair and synthetic hair strands. They come at a budget price, but don't look natural and are prone to damage on regular styling.

Difference in Virgin Hair Extensions

There are numerous ranges of virgin hair extensions, but we will be taking on the most popular ones.

Brazilian hair:

It is silkier, shinier and hold curls quite well. You will find Brazilian virgin hair in bundles with numerous texture options such as: straight, body wave, curly, loose wave and deep wave. It is typically preferred for a bouncy, curly style. Even the straight ones are not as straight as others.

Peruvian hair:

It has a thicker texture than its counterparts and come in numerous options including 'more wave' and 'natural wave'. It's worth noting that curly hair gets curlier when washed.

Malaysian hair:

It is preferred for its high sheen, which washes down with regular usage, giving it a more natural appearance. The hair has a strong hold on different styling, which eliminates the need of product.

Indian hair:

It tends to form a beautiful wave when it's dry. It is primarily preferred for its strong hold to curls, which loosens by the end of day to give a natural appearance. However, they tend to loose texture in humid condition.

Next time, when you want to look damn good, don't hesitate to put your favorite hair extension on. While buying one, consider these aforementioned tips to find the best type of hair extension that is suitable for you. However, it needs to be taken care, just like natural hair. Occasional wash and conditioning will work just fine. Use light serum to keep them healthy and tangle-free.